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Like a Virgin - Madonna (1984)

I realized just shortly after listening to Madonna’s Rebel Heart that I no longer truly enjoyed her new music. It was a slow and eventual process that started after… 663 more words


Land Lines and Pay Phones

I have always felt that my soul grew up and belonged in the 60’s (making me a teenager in the 70’s); a free-spirited, music-obsessed misunderstood girl whose number one flaw is feeling too much. 516 more words

Crusader For Truth

1984 by George Orwell | A Review

I have finally finished 1984 by George Orwell. I started it way back in March. I got extremely busy and had to put this book aside for awhile. 324 more words


(he himself)

sea bottom
he himself
the monster

Haigaonline 16.1

The current issue of Haigaonline has a theme of found haiku and contains all sorts of interesting and innovative work. 57 more words


Fascinatingly Horrible, a Painful and Awe-Inspiring Truth, and a Silent Witness

I’ve often wondered when it comes to abandoned cars- why this particular dying place?

I find entropy fascinatingly horrible. Part of me doesn’t want to watch the process of death, decomposition and/or decay, but at times I am almost compelled to do so, because there’s also a strange and captivating beauty in it. 434 more words


One of journalism's stars explains why & how to read the news

Summary:  Today’s post is a basic primer for readers and journalists about providing news for the people of New America. To understand the product one must understand why and how it’s used. 1,522 more words

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