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The Tripods- The City Of Gold And Lead.

Have you ever imagined what a title card from a fabricated 1980s Tripods cartoon might have looked liked? Of course you have! Wonder no longer, eager readers, and take a look at my new picture- 214 more words


Iron Man #139, 1980 "Facades, Ruses, and Masques"

In late 1978, David Michelinie and Bob Layton began their collaboration on the title Iron Man. The stories they created together were very good, and both men deserve kudos for that accomplishment. 165 more words

Comic Books

Making the Grade; Review by Robin Franson Pruter

Originally released 18 May 1985
Screenplay by Gene Quintano; Story by Gene Quintano & Charles Gale
Directed by Dorian Walker

Starring Judd Nelson, Jonna Lee, Gordon Jump, and Andrew Dice Clay (as Andrew Clay) 871 more words

Teen Movies

Crying in the rain

Don’t worry, this is not a revelation of my own emotional state, well maybe it is, if this song evokes a melancholy mood in the listener. 86 more words


Sweet Art

Here are some delicious pieces by Alan Cockcroft, made back in 1987, called Candy Town, they must be a childrens idea of heaven…..  

   Certainly a fantastic place to live, with cakes and sweets galore…                                        7 more words