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Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dir: Philip Kaufman, 115min, 1978

It’s probably been 10 years since I saw the original filming of this sci-fi/horror motif, and I saw the 2007 version a couple of years ago, both of which creeped me out in different ways.   253 more words


Bruton Music Library - BRG 5 Happiness (1978)

1. Sunshine Drive
2. Sunshine Drive Link
3. Happy Tourist
4. Country Ride
5. Happy Country
6. Fun Loving
7. Fun Loving 2
8. Blowing In The Wind… 148 more words


Bruton Music Library - BRG 4 Good Times (1978)

1. Roundabout
2. Applejack
3. Hello Sunshine
4. Coffee Break
5. Light And Easy
6. Peaches And Cream
7. Montego Bay
8. Jetting East… 154 more words


Bruton Music Library - BRG 2 Contemporary Orchestral (1978)

1. Funky Captions
2. High Fly
3. Morning Bird
4. Flirtation
5. Hustle Bustle
6. Beautiful Lady
7. Soul Search
8. Right Moment
9. Star Award… 138 more words


George Lewis - Shadowgraph, 5 (1978)

George Lewis: alto & tenor trombones, sousaphone, Moog synthesizer, Wagner tuba, sound tube
Roscoe Mitchell: alto sax, baritone sax, soprano sax, cassette recorder, flute
Douglas Ewart: clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, sopranino sax, bamboo flute, cassette recorder, percussion… 23 more words

Avant-Garde Jazz

The Grateful Dead: 1978.10.22 Winterland Arena San Francisco

This is maybe the only show from those 3 worth listening to. And that’s cause of the intro with the Egyptian musician opening. The Dead slowly come in behind him. 17 more words

The Grateful Dead: 1978.10.20 Winterland Arena San Francisco

This show is only ok. It has “Franklin’s Tower” but this version does little for me.