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Harry James and his Orchestra - "I've Heard That Song Before"

March 6 – May 22 and June 5, 1943

Hey, more female vocals!  From the same woman as last entry, Helen Forrest.  Her voice suits a big, brassy number like this one more than it does tender balladry.   12 more words


Harry James and his Orchestra - "I Had the Craziest Dream"

February 13-20, 1943

You know what we haven’t heard a lot of so far?  Female singers.  Sure, they’ve been featured in duets with male singers, but this might be the first time we’ve heard one on her own.   59 more words


Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra - "There Are Such Things"

January 16 – February 6 and February 27 1943

We started this list with Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra, and here they are again!  I gotta say, though, this song is not really much of anything.   20 more words



OKAREKA (formally FERGY)
photos & details Kent Dadson & Ken Ricketts. Edited by Alan H

Looking for lots of clarification today. Today’s launch was built by Colin Wild & reportedly launched c1940’s (but her owner, Kent Dadson, has been told 1952). 128 more words


When hungry, skip the rest of classical concert...?

January 8, 1946

Dear Diary, Tonight I wrote to Ivon and Paul. Paul is so sweet. I miss him a lot. But, Diary, I’m afraid I’m fickle. 400 more words


VE Day Celebration at the British Legion Club

VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is marked on Friday 8th May 2015, that’s the 70th anniversary since the end of the second world war in Europe. 129 more words