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Sunday the twenty seventh
A lovely day but colder. They have all gone to Salem to try + comfort Lu. Her father goes to housekeeping on tuesday – pretty hard for poor Lucy.

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Saturday the twenty sixth
Cloudy + windy Edith went out in the car + did her shopping. Brought home new medicine, have taken some + think its going to help me, I pray that it may.

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Friday the twenty fifth
A terrible day + it rained all night too dark to see to read or sew. Was glad when it came time to turn on the light read David Copperfield + the papers + went to bed.

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Thursday the twenty fourth.
Cloudy + some rain, a very depressing day Audrea very lonesome. Did a little mending + got thro’ the day someway, feeling very nervous + bed.

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Wednesday the twenty third
Cloudy + threating + the day of May Gavin’s birthday party. Her father took her in the car. The party was a great success, but as Audrea was not home at a quarter of six her mother went to look for her + met her on the way home.

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A Collective Visionary

One of the most innovative and ground-breaking companies I have had the pleasure of seeing in the last few years is 1927. A UK based company, with a global touring reputation, their work is a combination of animation, live performance, theatre and music. 211 more words


One year, one film: 1927 - It

One year, one film: 1927

The film:
It, dir. Clarence Badger
starring Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, William Austin, Jacqueline Gadsdon

Recommended | Highly Recommended | …

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