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Michelin guides to the battlefields of the world war

For this evening, I wanted to share with you two pictures of books which were always at home, I presume they were bought by my great-grand fathers just after the war. 96 more words


The North Sea Barrage and Rose Street Foundry Mine Sinkers

By the time America entered the war in 1917, all help was gratefully received.  The Americans had developed a powerful mine which could be anchored at a pre-set depth and it was hoped that a line of these across the North Sea would contain German U-boats and protect Allied shipping.  237 more words


Oxen in action

An unfamiliar team for this picture: indeed it sometimes happened that oxen were used instead of horses to move guns, such as the 6 in. 26 cwt British howitzer into position somewhere in Italy.


Assault in Loos

I’ve found this picture by chance, it’s supposed to represent a British assault with gas masks in Loos. To be honest, I find such a scene quite terrifying…


Indian soldiers in Marseille

As my posts about Indian soldiers are very popular amongst my readers, here’s a nice pic of two Indian soldiers with a crowd of fascinated children in Marseille!


Ready to take off

For this saturday, a nice picture of a scouting Squadron of eighteen British machines ready to take off…