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13 First World War Google Pic albums - pictures, photos, grabs, charts and notes

‘Grabbed’ and curated for a multitudeĀ of reasons I compile these albums while researching a topic, to put family photographs in one place, to pull together a theme that interests me and often to remind me of great TV and films on the First World War. 529 more words

First World War

Are there anymore at home like you?

This one is interesting. I can’t make out much of the postmark, but I think the first line says “Back the Boys in the Trenches,” illegible second line, and then “Inquire at any Bank or Post Office.” It was postmarked in 1917, so during WWI. 98 more words

White Border Era

Assault of Arditi

I’ve just realized that only 3 of my 1,300 posts published until now were linked in some way with the Arditi, the famous elite Italian soldiers. 36 more words


Tommy Holmes (1951)

Tommy Holmes had his Major League baseball debut with the Boston Braves in 1942. Here is some background on him.

Boston Braves

Lady Ishtar

Ishtar was frequently placed by the side of Asshur as a war-goddess.

Ere she left the plains of Babylonia for the uplands of Assyria she had evinced certain bellicose propensities. 469 more words


Rasputin's Legendary Death

By the end of 1916, the extended Romanov family was desperate.

Someone had to put a stop to Rasputin. For some reason, the tsar and tsarina appeared to be completely bamboozled by this drunken, filthy man who took bribes and sold government appointments. 723 more words

Persons Of Note

Sportsmen for the Front Line

At the tail end of the suggested themes from Sepia Saturday this week was “posters”. And so I’ll start my ramble this week with a poster. 599 more words