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Here is Dad at the grave of his great-grandmother, Mary Kilraine Craven Cumuskey.

Mary was born in County Wicklow, Ireland around 1840. She arrived in the United States in 1849. 238 more words

Craven Family

York Street - The Home Of Australian Circus!

The image above, showing York Street in the very early 20th century, is a beautiful glimpse into Sydney’s past. Many Sydney siders will be familiar with York Street as it is one of the major streets in the Sydney CBD, though of course the view is very different today. 267 more words

New South Wales

comparison no.3

The two photos depict a same instrument, a rubber.

The evolution of practicality and design is more than evident, in the first picture you can see… 173 more words


1930: The California Tavern is brimming with gay sailors

East London has a history of queer haunts and these will become a regular fixture of this project. From early gay pubs to modern day drag, the alternative nature of the East End has always been a destination for LGBT people, even if sometimes they were a little unwelcome. 161 more words

1998: Al Fatiha UK Formed

It is important to recognise that within queer politics, often times we forget those who do not fit in with society’s archetypal view of an LGBT person. 56 more words

1985: Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners

From 1984-1985, Welsh coal miners infamously went on strike over their conditions. Less well known however are the LGBT group who supported them in their endeavors. 86 more words