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Confess yourself a traitor and a renegade! And so go to meet your doom. Traitor! (Brigstocke Sheppard, 1889: 413, in M. Lewis)

During an excavation of the Cistercian Monastery of Hulton Abbey, Staffordshire, in the 1970s, the disarticulated remains of a mature adult male were uncovered, revealing some very unusual peri-mortem cut marks. 790 more words


Nepal, Khasa Malla (9)

The majority of sculptures from the Khasa Malla Kingdom (Nepal/Tibet, 12th-14th century) have a square face, broad shoulders and sturdy limbs. The tip of the smaller petals on the lotus base is usually curved inwards, like an inverted apple or heart-shaped figure. 149 more words

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Nepal, Shadakshari Lokeshvara - two styles

This aspect of Avalokiteshvara (particularly popular in Tibet) has four arms, the main ones joined in prayer at heart level. His upper right hand holds a lotus bud, his upper left hand normally holds a piece of rope or a lasso. 137 more words

Asian Art

Nepal, Early Malla Vajravarahi

This is a very rare sculpture of Vajravarahi, “The Diamond Sow”, with 4 arms and the head of a sow (with a third eye).  She is seated with one leg pendant, the foot resting over a lotus flower. 179 more words

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Oriel Arts Week does Daily Music

by Lizzie Searle

All through Oriel Arts Week 2015, we’re providing a daily shot of musical inspiration to set you off to a good start! Make sure you come back daily for your music recommendation & explanation provided by Oriel College Music Society members. 290 more words


Canvas - Ottava Rima style!

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Hello dear readers,

I was reading up again about various styles of poetry, and happened to come across the Ottava Rima… 181 more words


Chateau Le Mung: Facebooks First Fairytale? 

When a family decided to sell up their family homes in Sydney, NSW, Australia and move to South-West of France to restore an abandoned 14th century Chateau sitting on 19 Acres to its former glory and run a boutique hotel, you would expect they knew their lives would change forever. 289 more words