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So I work in sales and every year this company I worked for has an annual sales rally in another city. After the planned events everyone heads out to local bars and has a good time. 2,226 more words

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Cleanse your physique and be wholesome. Cleansing in this context is not cleansing the exterior components of the human body. Cleansing is detoxifying the inner organs – obtaining rid of all these harmful toxins that build-up in the physique. 955 more words

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Penny and the Pilot Program
(or Sizzling Sex for the Skilled Nursing Set) by A. Delight
Bernard Dowlinger was reading a newspaper in the nursing home lounge next to his friend Pete Frank. 2,986 more words

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Hey Y’all,
Wow that was one heck of a game. I’m only now 48 hrs later finally recoveringfrom watching the emotional rollercoaster of the game, drinking way too much and getting fucked so many times I’m still a too sore to masturbate. 2,905 more words

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She didn’t look in my direction. She just walked straight into the store. Picked up three tops and headed toward the changing rooms.
“Good girl, Darla” I whispered to myself. 1,763 more words

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This happened back in my Sophomore year of college. I had moved off campus to a small 2 bedroom house you porn casting down near the ocean. 1,871 more words

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