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Fitness Weirdo - but a happy one

This Sunday I ran my first 10km fun run.  I am pretty darn proud of myself too because I ran all the way.  The course was a 2.5km loop around Waiatarua Park in Remuera.   784 more words

Michelle Bridges 12WBT program

At the time of writing this, I’m in the middle of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation program. Week 8 actually. This is my second round. 656 more words

Baby Weight


Today is the day.

After giving birth 4 months ago it is HIGH time I start to transform my body to healthy, toned and slim; so that I can be a happy, healthy wife & mother, and so that I am happy with my body image. 420 more words


Day 1 - pre- season weight loss

well today is Day  1 of my 4th round of12 WBT. I weighed in at 84.1kgs which means a weight loss of 1.4 kgs in the pre- season – fantastic! 340 more words

veganism, eating disorders, orthorexia and the culture of food policing

This post involves discussions of eating disorders and veganism, which may be triggering for you depending on your circumstances. Please read it in a safe space and access support people if you think it will trigger disordered thinking or behaviours for you. 3,323 more words

It's Personal

Exercise clothes for fatties

If there’s one website I never expected to write an article for, it’s Michelle Bridges’. But write I did, and I got given a bunch of plus size exercise clothes for my troubles. 34 more words

I Talk A Lot

Time to get moving again

I weighed in this morning an my weight is 85.1kgs. My goal is to reach the healthy weight range by the end of this 12wbt round so 74kgs.   182 more words