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Mississippi Burning

“What’s wrong with people?”, Ward (Willem Dafoe) asks, as he holds a near dead human between his arms.

If only there was an easy answer. 260 more words


No Repeat Performances

I recently mustered the courage to watch 12 Years a Slave the other night. I never made it to the theater after repeated postponements and taped it on the DVR a few months ago. 79 more words


The Use of Mise-En-Scene and Cinematography in 12 Years a Slave: A Brief Analysis

Steve McQueen’s 2013 film concerning the slavery of African Americans in the 1800s employs numerous elements of mise-en-scene and cinematography in order to build a naturalistic world within the film’s frame. 233 more words


Music Video Of The Week: The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles by Marilyn Manson

I am super excited to have a brand new music video from the shock rock dark prince himself Marilyn Manson. Marilyn has unleashed a brand new music video for the track  158 more words


Lupita Nyongo's SHOCKING Character In 'Star Wars' REVEALED

After months of rumors we finally what role Lupita Nyongo will play in The Force Awakens. Or at least, we know what TYPE of role she’ll be playing. 237 more words

Film Review: "12 Years a Slave"

12 Years a Slave, 2013

dir. Steve McQueen


I grew up with soap-operas that told similar stories back home. In Brazil, we are not so sensitive about the topic of slavery because we talk about it all the time, so perhaps that is why I didn’t react as strong to this subject matter as the other people sitting around me at the screen.

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