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Shame v. Guilt

By Bill

One of our difficulties in recovery is that we are confused about who we are.  Our ideas of self have been warped by our experiences inside and outside of our addictions, and by the things that we have done to sustain the “legend in our own minds” that we have built up over the years. 239 more words


Help! I need a Sponsor!

I was born and raised on the US West Coast.  Both of my parents were only children, my mother a red-headed, ​hot-tempered Irish women​, my father an ​independent, self­made Scotsman​, who was in business for himself and very successful. 677 more words

Celebrate Recovery

Sober-home certification bill set for passage

There were no questions or debate when the Senate considered a bill today that ensures sober homes are safe for recovering addicts and neighbors – sending it now to he full Senate for a final vote on Friday. 148 more words


The Pernicious Pursuit of Perfection

by Bill

Sometimes we get so tired of trying to be perfect that we are in danger of quitting altogether.  This can happen in everyday life, and is one of the major causes of “dropping out” into various addictions, whether chemical or behavioral.   302 more words


Courage and Decisions

Courage is being afraid but doing it anyway.
~ Unknown

Every day we make thousands of decisions: Am I going to shave before or after breakfast; Should I wear this blouse or that one; Latte or mocha; Shall I go to the morning or evening meeting, and so on. 307 more words


What The 12 Steps Did For Me

Here’s a link to a recent article I wrote for another site ….  More>>


In short...

Someone asked me if I think spirituality is important to recovery.  My answer: I believe that spirituality, in the sense of kindness, compassion, responsibility, tolerance, forgiveness, peace, harmony and joy — the things of the human spirit — is not only essential to sobriety, it is the goal of sobriety.

So there!