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Three Things That All Addictions Have In Common

We like to say that an addiction is something that we keep on doing even though it causes us problems. That is certainly the case in many instances, but there is rather more to it than that. 520 more words


I've never opened up my story to anyone ...

Hi, I been browsing through many sites and I found this one. I’ve never opened up my story to anyone. This is a first. Anyway, first off, not to brag but I just want to introduce myself. 1,007 more words


Being Vulnerable

One of the main reasons we have problems in early recovery is our inability to be open and honest with others. Most of us have spent a good part of our lives hiding one truth or another from the people around us. 631 more words


I Want To Hold Your Hand

I’ve had some issues lately quite humbling I won’t go into at this time, but my sense of observation has never been keener.

There was a pretty, 40ish looking lady walking hand in hand with her daughter. 293 more words


Fallin' down the 12 steps!!

   Stop Fallin’ Down tha steps!

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics anonymous, ….NOT FOR ME! I believe with all my heart that twelve step programs, while they help some people, have a host of negative unintended consequences that are not discussed often enough and are not common knowledge. 2,111 more words

Harm Reduction

Human Being, or Human Doing?

In addiction we were always busy.   We were acting out,  recovering from acting out,  waiting for the next chance to use,  preparing to act out,  using,  etc. 333 more words