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Two little words that make up a mighty big adventure!

The magic of Disneyland brings out the child at heart in all of us.  Fortunately for my brother, sister and I, mom grew up loving the Happiest Place on Earth. 398 more words

Lychees for the win!

With no more running to talk about this week, I’m going to go into a little about my diet. I mentioned yesterday that I took some lychees to eat on my run, and there’s a very specific reason for that. 402 more words

This Harvard Grad Is Paying Someone $10k To Find Him A Girlfriend

Have you heard about the Harvard graduate who is promising to pay someone $10,000 if they can successfully find him a girlfriend? Well it’s true. His name is Ren You, he is 29 years old and currently living in Birmingham, AL. 69 more words


Harrogate Town Centre 10k and the Rewards of Indignity

Sometimes the night before a race the subconscious will take over and give you a portent of things to come. From deep within the dream state mysterious signs and symbols form to somehow produce an image of tomorrow so startlingly accurate that it can only be ascribed to unknowable higher powers. 1,024 more words


Find This Man A Girlfriend, And He Will Pay You $10K

I read this story, and figured I’d better share it, especially if you can use $10k.  I know I can. To get it, here is what you will have to do to get it.  59 more words


Race Preview: Race for the Homeless (Vancouver, WA)

The 16th annual Race for the Homeless 5k/10k takes place in Vancouver, WA on August 1st, 2015. All race proceeds benefit Open House Missions, which provides shelter, safety, and hope to families without homes by giving them the skills that will help them resolve their homeless situation.  243 more words


How to WIN at 10k. (Or, 'Not like this')

It’s important to have a motto. A set of guiding principles in life. For what it’s worth, mine is ‘What would Beyonce do’, but then I doubt she has time in her busy multi-billionaire schedule to run a 10k race in Milton Keynes, so the principle doesn’t always work, however it has stood me in good stead over the years. 487 more words