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My first 10K run!

Just over 3 months ago I very randomly decided one night that I was going to book on to a 10K run, so I did!! At the time I hadn’t been to the gym for 3 months and I desperately needed dome inspiration to keep me fit and healthy! 1,273 more words


5 Arizona Races You Should Run {link up}

So I’ve been slacking on my Lost Dutchman 10k Recap–not because I did so poorly I swear!–but because I’m still sick :(

After quite a few days of yuckiness, I’m finally starting to feel like I’m on the mend (don’t want to jinx it though!). 1,182 more words


Nike+ Your Story. Your Movement. Your 2014

I’m geeked! :)

For some reason my Nike+ year in review was stuck in my spam folder. I’m proud to say that I accomplished all of the running goals I set for myself last year after looking at my… 218 more words


My 10K Fun Runs

I’ve been doing some crazy stupid but oh so much fun (trail) running in the midst of training for the Soweto Marathon. I am glad that I have survived all the falls and calf cramps and could continue with my marathon training as if nothing exciting ever happened! 1,713 more words


Marathon Training Recap Week 14 and Esprit de She 10k

Taper, taper, bo baper, fee fi, fo faper…taaaaaper!!!!!

I’m in good spirits and let me tell you why…

I DID MY 20 MILER THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! 595 more words


Marathon Training Recap Weeks 11 &12

I missed my training recap of Week 11 somewhat not coincidentally.

It was a bad week.

Monday, September 1, I spent our Labor Day out on the trails for almost 9 miles of awesomeness. 325 more words