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My 101 in 1001

When I saw this challenge posted on the blog Vallarina Creative I just knew I had to make one myself! The basic idea is you write 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days. 662 more words


#101in1001 #28 Get a new hobby,

To ‘Find a New Hobby‘ was on my 101 things in a 1001 days list because for the last ten years I had dedicated a lot of time tirelessly raising money for my children’s primary school and although I loved every minute of it, I felt it was time to do something for myself. 651 more words


086 - Fall asleep on a lawn

Status: Completed!!!

We had a wonderful spring day today with clear blue sky, sunshine and hardly any wind. Or at least hardly no wind in our garden. 103 more words


005 - Read (or listen to) 100 books (91-100)

Status: In progress

These are the latest books I’ve read and when I finished them:

91.   Boken om Joe (orig. The Book of Joe) by… 105 more words


#101in1001 #02 Buy a new car.

Again apologies, this has taken me a long time to blog. We actually bought our new car new car last October. To be honest, to put this on my… 721 more words


#101in1001 #29 Do a jigsaw every school holiday - Ongoing

I love jigsaws, but I don’t often spend time to doing them. I cannot justify the time, however I added this to my 101 in 1001… 220 more words


# 15 - Expand my vocabulary by 100 words

assonance – noun
1. resemblance of sounds.
2. Also called vowel rhyme. Prosody. rhyme in which the same vowel sounds are used with different consonants in the stressed syllables of the rhyming words, as in penitent and reticence. 10 more words