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Le Beau Ideal

by Ali Guduf

beauty,created anew
by appreciating stars and shining moon
of assisting winds and lover’s pay
with dances new
of dances old
hat atop fair felt view… 65 more words


Mirror Images

by Fatima Elmahgoub

I’m tired of these warped images. Of these stories I can’t hold on to. These eyes, that have grown accustomed to seeing ugly, this heart that begs for mercy, this thing that lives inside me. 784 more words


Makeshift Shapeshifters

by Abubakr Elbasha

I think im allegic to humans,
I have exceptions of course, those that cause my amusement,
But i pause in lack of the exception’s traits, 287 more words



by Ahmed Salah

So I sat down with my country
Had a very beautifully vivid conversation with it
The first convo was when I came for the first time… 646 more words


For Jibreel (Superhero)

by Rasha Hamid

When you were five
You wrapped a brass paper fastener around your chubby finger
Look, Mommy,
You said,
I’m the Brown Human! I’m a superhero! 523 more words


The Bereft

by Ahmed Hardallo

Day three
It’s another one of those nights
Lord Everywhere deliver me into rights
And safeguard my demons from wasting away before I vanquish them and claim their carcasses my spoils of experience… 319 more words


This is My Last Poem About You

by Qutouf Yahia

This is my last poem about you.
No no, this is definitely, probably, my last poem about you
I mean..This is what I hope will be my last poem about you. 413 more words