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100 Happy Days

I’ve seen 100 Happy Days trending recently, so I thought I’d try it out. Each day I will post a picture I took that today and give a short explanation about why it’s great or makes me happy. That kind of stuff. :)

100 Happy Days

Day 229 - Olden Days

I’m looking back at my mums old passport thinking ‘How quaint, it’s made of a folded piece of paper & it’s hand written.’

My kids will probably look at my passport one day and say ‘Wow how Quaint, you mean your passport details weren’t contained in a chip behind your eye?’

100 Happy Days

Weekly delights #10

Todo dia é um bom dia pra ser feliz! O que te fez feliz essa semana? // Everyday is a good day to be happy! What made you happy this week? 109 more words