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"Who stays his eye on glass..." Sermon, UCB, 19 April 2015

Acts 3:12-19, Luke 24:36b-48

One of the unexpected problems of learning Hebrew, for me, was that during my first term at St Andrews, when I was immersing myself in its newness, including its being read from right to left like its cousin, Arabic, I kept walking into the glass door of John Smith’s bookshop. 2,359 more words

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Easter Evening Hymn

I’ve long been intrigued by the interaction of shared tradition with Luke’s and John’s Gospels respectively. The woman of ill repute in the Pharisee’s house becomes Mary at Bethany as both wash Jesus’ feet in lashings of expensive ointment. 323 more words

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BBC Radio Scotland Thought For The Day 31 March 2015: Masks

Are you still doing Thought For The Day?” I was asked, with some solicitude, a few days ago. “Och yes!” I said, “I just haven’t been on for a few weeks…” “That’s good,” said my kindly interlocutor, warmly; “I really enjoy it!” And as I began to glow, he added “Sometimes, they have… 325 more words

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An Attempt at a Non-Childish Adult Nativity Play...

…as opposed to an entirely appropriate, childlike Children’s Nativity Play in which children explore the Nativity, an utterly inappropriate childish Adult Nativity Sketch, or an utterly inappropriate Nativity Play in which children entertain adults… 1,462 more words

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With Love To Shark: Thought For The Day, BBC Radio Scotland, 12 December 2014

Many people keep in touch with the community they grew up in through its local paper. I follow the North Wales local rag on Facebook, and this week, I was proud of it. 333 more words

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A Christmas hymn to plug a small gap...

What did you think, innkeeper,

When they chapped on your door?

Your inn was full to bursting,

Its rooms could sleep no more;

And here, stressed out, this couple… 166 more words

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Thought for the Day, BBC Radio Scotland, 14 November 2014: "Awe, Truly..."

“It’s like making a hole-in-one from twenty-two miles away!” Not the landing of the little European spacecraft Philae on the comet that has been its target and goal for a decade. 334 more words

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