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Rock Solid Living: The Hard Work Of Submission (sermon podcast)

Well, we’re roaring right along with our spiritual coaching clinic, session #4, based on a letter written to churches by one of Jesus’ best friends, Simon Peter.   186 more words


Obedience in the Face of Opposition, Holiness in the Midst of Hostility

Thomas à Kempis, a fourteenth century Christian, once wrote:

It is a good thing that we have to face difficulties and opposition from time to time, because this brings us back to ourselves; it makes us realise that we are exiles and cannot pin our hopes on anything in this world (

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Christian Living

The Love Which Hides Sin

O Lord Jesus Christ

The birds have their nests

The foxes their holes

And Thou didst not have whereon to lay Thy head

Homeless Thou wast upon earth…

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Have you ever felt a little empty, distant from God?

How quickly I forget.  So yesterday I wrote about Romans 8:18, so I should have kept that at the forefront of my mind.  After having a great and positive week and feeling on a high unfortunately my world came crashing around me again last night.  458 more words

Prayer prompt for Saturday, July 4

Our lives are fleeting, but our salvation is forever (1 Peter 1:9). Do you worry about death? With faith in Christ, there’s nothing to fear.


You Don’t Have to Be a Superhero to do Good

I love the Bible. It comforts me, calms me, makes me laugh, and challenges me. It probably does more but the awesomeness of the Bible is not the today’s topic. 1,495 more words


Neither cave in nor panic.

Today’s (Sa 04/07/2015) Faithful Daily Readings are Ezekiel 35 and 1 Peter 2: 1-12

Some years ago when John Howard was Prime Minister and the threat of internal attack was possible Australians were warned to be on the look out for subversive activity and signs that people were planning to damage our internal society.  480 more words