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The Biggest Impact I Hope to Have on my Child

What’s the most important thing you hope your children learn from you?

My hope is that Omari learns how to seek after God for himself and that he will come to have a personal relationship with Christ. 71 fler ord


Immigrants get $2200 a month and can say no to the vaccine 🛑✋🛑

Did y’all know that immigrants are getting $2200 a month and they can say no to the vaccine? 🛑✋🛑

So now President Biden is stating that… 479 fler ord


Oregon senators want closer scrutiny of Chemawa Indian School

Merkley and Wyden have asked Department of the Interior to investigate student achievement, finances.

It’s been six years since the Chemawa Indian School in Salem was last reviewed by the federal Department of the Interior, which found then that “the school did not have an adequate plan in place to ensure students’ educational achievement.” 49 fler ord


Power to the people

Now I understand why the politicians are at war with one another

I had to dig a little bit deeper to try to understand because politics has never been my favorite subject even though I am a soldier… 264 fler ord


Now I understand why term limits don't exist

So now we know why term limits don’t exist so that the immigrants who gain citizenship here can have children and have their children manipulate the system and us, that’s why it’s so toxic in the workplaces everywhere and you get paid like shit… 56 fler ord


Checkmate to angel in training please

Me to Google: how many Democrats were born here in America?

Google: 14 of the 18 as are 44 of the 58 members who are children of immigrants 👀 33 fler ord


Centre’s New Tool for Tyranny—Twitter

With the third largest user base and the highest number of government information requests on Twitter, the Indian government has bagged yet another trophy on its way towards tyranny. 503 fler ord