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I had planned on writing sooner but first nothing happened, and then a lot happened. And then I needed some time to catch my breath. So here’s what’s been going on. 1 396 fler ord

ADHD And Tourette

Tics. Part 45.

Tics: Involuntary sounds and movements associated with Tourette Syndrome.

I admitted to my boss, I’m having trouble. It started with a nasty cold. Not Covid, my doctor tested me twice. 594 fler ord


El COVID-19 digital

Caracas, 14 de noviembre de 2021

Casi dos años después del inicio de la pandemia el mundo se sigue contagiando. Según las cifras oficiales vamos para 250 millones, pese a que ciertos estudios han determinado que los casos detectados podrían ser 10 veces menores a los reales. 675 fler ord


The Problem Solved Problem

I left work at two-thirty today. Right, the middle of the afternoon. Seems slack, at least to me. I’m an early bird, up at five every morning. 765 fler ord



Tics: Involuntary movements and vocalizations…

I sit at my desk and grit my teeth—first my molars, they squeak with friction, then my eye teeth, left then right. 494 fler ord

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Brain Functional Connectivity in Tourette Syndrome (Neuroscience)

Tourette syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder, causes motor and phonic ”tics” or uncontrollable repeated behaviors and vocalizations. People affected by Tourette syndrome can often suppress these tics for some time before the urges become overwhelming, and researchers have long wondered at the neural underpinnings of the suppression effort. 451 fler ord