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Addressing the Jacobin Left

The Left must transform state institutions so that, instead of managing capitalism, they can serve as organs of a democratically planned socialist economy.

— Jacobin (@jacobin) …

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It's Not Socialism We Should Be Afraid Of, It's Central Planning

The morass of toxicity known as Twitter has a surprising number of people, who frequently have anime avatars and always have pronouns, claiming that they want to adopt socialism. 1 439 fler ord


The Netherlands

Now, there’s a lot wrong with it

I’ve said it years ago: Leave socialism

~ And was ignored ~ again I say it:

The people need freedom; so, end feudalism



Five Truths from Dostoevsky’s The Devils

Originally published by The Mallard.

Whenever I scroll through the news on Twitter or listen to talk radio, I like to play a game called “Dostoevsky called it.” As one can guess, it consists of identifying events or trends that correspond with those in Feodor Dostoevsky’s novels and letters. 3 982 fler ord


Socialist China or Capitalist China? It’s All the Same to the Country’s Communist Rulers

May 13, 2022

By Stephen Gowans

Empiric, a word infrequently used these days, refers to a quack. This seems odd, considering that empiric and empirical (based on observation) are related. 1 220 fler ord