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Prototype: Exploring Reactive Music in Wwise

Circumstances outside of my work have meant that the past few weeks have been fairly choppy for me, health and productivity wise. I’m in a constant flux of being… 202 fler ord


Frank Gehry's Process Models

Architect Frank Gehry’s process models are perhaps the most famous examples of the use of explorative object construction in the field of architecture. A collection of his models was displayed at Leslie Feely Fine Art in New York in 2013 (Gehry 2013). 115 fler ord

Potpourri #1038

Now here’s a modelling challenge for you – lots of water involved!

It makes the Volks Railway depressingly normal…

I do like Jago Hazzard – so here’s his take on the ‘Drain’.  38 fler ord

Out And About

An Optimization Based Prototype For Nurse Assignment

An Optimization Based Prototype For Nurse Assignment

An Optimization-Based Prototype for Nurse Assignment by Prattana Punnakitikashem, Jay M. Rosenberger, Deborah Buckley Behan, Robert L. Baker, Kimberly Goss Abstract. 246 fler ord


My first time with Adobe xD : Creating interactive prototypes

Here I come. A little later than I would like to. But there is always a reason. I’ve actually had a class 6 hours in a row and felt somehow dizzy afterwards so I’ve decided to take a nap and somehow I ended up sleeping two hours instead of 30 minutes. 461 fler ord

School Life

Prototype (1992): Built to Last

Matty is a fan of B-movie demigod Phillip J. Roth’s surprisingly arty first stab at science fiction.

Here’s a fact for you: back in the late ‘80s, Gus Van Sant and Phillip J. 740 fler ord