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Bacteria Wars

If we think of all living creatures including ourselves as bacteria, we can note that the bacteria are kinda fighting over survival with eachother.

The bacteria evolves and is better able to fight off the others. 89 fler ord


Let Your Soul Heal

“Give it air

& let the scar

on your soul

reveal itself,


like the body,

it too was made

to heal itself.” 158 fler ord


Perspective & Mental Health

*** This post was inspired by an article written by former Mental Health Nurse, Ashley L. Peterson. The title of that post was, The Role of Values in Acceptance Commitment therapy(ACT) … 398 fler ord


It's Over

This week is finally over.

I’m going to relax.

Watch some TV.

Do some work in the truck.

Stop hurting.

Then get back up and do it all over again next week. 11 fler ord


Playing Favorites

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Dear Readers,

Artists are a quirky bunch with odd mannerisms and whatnot, so I guess I’m not too far removed when I wonder how many of us have a favorite key to play in. 414 fler ord



I drove myself to my counseling appointment for the first time today. I thought I would remember the way, having been a passenger so many times before, and wouldn’t need to turn on my phone’s map app. 529 fler ord