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Special Education in the Time of COVID

I am not a special education teacher. I used to teach university students for four years. I taught animation, drawing, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Autodesk Maya, and even screenplay writing for animation. 421 fler ord

Work Load

Days Like Yesterday

Two years ago, I was a very broken person. I was suffering from burnout, in the middle of menopause, with severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And I didn’t want to go on any more. 897 fler ord


On Friday the 13th, 2006, I woke up around 5 AM; anxious. I stayed that way until around 10 AM, when I handed my two week notice to my supervisor. 1 181 fler ord

Entry #29: It Hits the Fan

After a disappointing session with Therapist #3, I wasn’t really sure where to go for assistance. I knew that I still needed help with different issues I had going on. 1 102 fler ord

Mental Health

Pressing pause

Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in. ~ Sebastian Vettel 9 fler ord


Done with predictable.

Helloooo, nope, still not being healthy, but there are pictures…

I’m having a perfectly lovely evening home alone and that’s my excuse for tonight’s indulgence. However, after tonight… You’ve read that crap before and even I don’t believe myself anymore. 1 058 fler ord

Mental Health


I hate Shadows from the past

like faded photos


through passing windows

and opened doors

while being pushed by a torrent

of time

Flotsam and Jetsam… 118 fler ord

Mental Health