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The Brothers, May '22 Update 1

Currently we have…

  • 215 Maps
  • 047 NPCs
  • 091 Enemies
  • 307 Items
  • 246 Weapons
  • 425 Armours
  • 028 Skills
  • 269 Quests

Plus innumerable music tracks, sound effects, graphic tiles and icons. 280 fler ord


From the Project Page: In the Kitchen Garden - Flowers, Vegetables and Quotes

A bit of poetry in the green terrace tonight.

The magic of beams of light in the jars illuminates the little growing plants of tomatoes. … 12 fler ord


Changing Hearts and Minds

Part 2: The Importance of Myth Busting in Our Schools

The schools in our MAT highly value independent practice, and therefore devote as much lesson time as possible to this following explicit direct instruction. 1 113 fler ord

Getting started with Yoga

A simple guide for beginners

It is not uncommon to hear people speak of their interest in Yoga and the difficulty to get started. There are a million videos on YouTube with follow-along flows and there are also Yoga teachers helping students with personalised Yoga sessions. 179 fler ord



Förra lördagen hade vi finbesök hos oss. Min kusin Julia och hennes Walter flyttade förra hösten till samma trakter som vi. Vi ser till och med deras hus från vårt vardagsrum, helt galet! 296 fler ord


Cats don't care..

Cats don’t care.

Cats are aloof

They don’t need a councillor

They just need love

They can break your heart

But sometimes they might

Just give you a stare… 14 fler ord

Överraskningsfester och bubbel på terrassen

Påsken var verkligen fylld med roligt program och festligheter. På långfredagen åkte vi till Järvenpää. Min pappa hade hyrt en festlokal och ordnade en överraskningsfest till sin Marita, som fyllde 60 år. 301 fler ord