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Has Con Marvel Legends Reveals

During the Hasbro event over the weekend, they had panels revealing products from some of their biggest licenses and on Saturday they held a Marvel Legends Panel in which they revealed a number of new products. 802 fler ord


East Meets West in Marvel's Dazzling Shang-Chi


Betyg: 3.5 av 5.

Before the advent of the motion-picture, the martial arts were Asia’s greatest cultural export, imitated and appropriated by Western societies for decades. 759 fler ord


Toy News: Venom Poison Spider-Man Funko Pop

Coming as an Entertainment Earth exclusive is quite frankly one of the nicest looking pops which Funko have ever made for the Marvel line, and lets face it – they’ve made a fair few! 76 fler ord


Darkhold Alpha #1

Above is a page from Darkhold Alpha #1, written by Steve Orlando, art by Cian Tormey. Colours in the above by me and in the original/below by Greg Smallwood. 475 fler ord


Even Typhoid Mother Fucking Mary Has Found Love

Spoilers ahead for Daredevil #35

If you’ve been reading this Daredevil series by Chip Zdarksy, then you know that Wilson Fisk and Typhoid Mary have been slowly falling in love throughout the series run, and what began as a simple professional relationship has now culminated in a full ass-blown engagement. 137 fler ord

Comic Book

Momentos infames de los comics - ¿Que fue de la hija de Spider-Man?

El cómic es un medio de comunicación maravilloso, capaz de narrar historias de forma única y cautivadora. Cuando un cómic se hace bien, puede producir clásicos instantáneos que siguen siendo relevantes durante décadas. 1 043 fler ord


Alan Alda, Daniel Day-Lewis to Return for Hawkeye

Photos: CBS (left), Morgan Creek Productions (center), Marvel Studios (right)

BURBANK, CA–Marvel executives have leaked some exciting news for the upcoming Hawkeye series on DisneyPlus. Surprising many fans, the series will feature Alan Alda of… 255 fler ord