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Gluten Free Update: Reversing Course

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, you know that I made the challenging decision to go gluten free in late in 2018. The decision was not at all easy, nor was it something I did willingly. 546 fler ord


The Real Reason You Are So Tired

By Chiagoziem Bede Ikwueze

Have you ever wondered why, even if you sleep for over 8 hours during the night, you can still wake up feeling tired? 788 fler ord


Mother’s Day ‘21

This year we spent Mother’s Day celebrating that we can all see each other again! After a lifetime of being indoors and away from people we finally got the chance to introduce some family to each other! I am grateful!


2021 EMPTIES PT. 2

Hello!! If you have been following along for a while you would know that I’ve been working on using up the products I have before buying anything new. 368 fler ord


Who is Roman Reigns wife? Galina Becker bio, family, facts, worth

Galina Becker is the wife of the WWE champion Roman Reigns and the mother of two sets of twins and a daughter. She is a former athlete and fitness model and has worked on marketing campaigns for renowned agencies. 1 096 fler ord


Top 20 richest authors in the world and their net worths 2021

Unlike the art of sculpting, where the artist’s work can be felt and appreciated in the beholder’s eye, the beauty of writing lies in the reader’s mind. 2 004 fler ord


Miami Beach Bum

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As a skincare junkie (and an influencer who receives lots of skincare products) friends and family always ask, what products I suggest (and would buy myself)! 66 fler ord