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Glaciers are Melting and the world is enjoying.

Glaciers, as we know it, are continuing to melt year by year. As Estimated by the recent research, the glacier will completely melt, causing the world to drown in it’s water. 306 fler ord


Question of the Day: June 19, 2021

Good morning, from the Granite State! Today my best friends family is having an early Father’s Day celebration! I’m looking forward to the strawberry rhubarb pie! 58 fler ord


Cruising the Pacific Coast Highway on our honeymoon with the love of my life – or so I thought at the time – was a seminal experience, one of the most significant next to birth – and having survived it! 660 fler ord

Self Evolution



The tide is cheerful
The view is beautiful
The time is priceless
The life is sleeveless

We’re family. ‘Friend to the end’ 71 fler ord




I don’t sleep,

I just move

from one world

to the another

and it’s exhausting

to try

and comprehend.


I remember

shadows and pictures,

faces, 144 fler ord


Noble Gesture by BYJU’S- EdTech provides Education support to kids who lost parents to COVID-19

The coronavirus has affected the lives of many children in India and the world. My biggest concern is as to what would happen to children who lost a parent (or both parents) to this cruel pandemic? 385 fler ord