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Adding SSL to your Jira

Well, I’ve been avoiding this topic for a while. It’s not that I don’t believe in having a certificate on your service – quite the opposite. 2 273 fler ord

Jira Protips

Backing Up Jira

Just saying, some days are going to suck. Technology breaks. Often. So what is your plan then? How do you get your systems back online quickly and efficiently? 2 206 fler ord


Are you ready for JiraCon '21?

Well, here we are. We now have about three weeks until JiraCon! I’m super excited to be a presenter and get a chance to share with you why I’m still optimistic about an Atlassian Career. 1 277 fler ord


Searching for Issues in Jira

Now that we have some information about what Jira is and its different parts let’s make Jira useful. Today we are going to cover Searching for issues and what JQL is. 1 671 fler ord


Show closed jiras between dates

project = ADDO AND status = Closed AND resolutiondate >= '2020-01-05' AND resolutiondate <= '2021-04-20' ORDER BY resolutiondate