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Looking Up Is Where It's At: A Springtime Story

When my phone rang at 10 AM on April 27, I knew that I would be in for a scolding. That’s because the name displayed on the phone was none other than Dooitt Orr Else, the no-nonsense CEO of the blogosphere. 752 fler ord


Betrayed At The Top

By Burt Prelutsky ~

It’s not just our political leaders who can’t be trusted to represent conservative values.

As a Conservative, I have to confess I see less of a problem in having to deal with Biden, Schumer and Pelosi, than in having to accept that McConnell, McCarthy and Cheney constitute my party’s leadership.

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craigslist and sea stories

It was the tone of the ad on craigslist that caught my wife’s attention. We were looking for a used filing cabinet for our business and personal files. 211 fler ord


Moon Jellies

Comic by Scott Nickel

We are all jellyfish, too pitiful and too afraid of being disliked to be honest.

May Sarton

Ouch, as true as it may be, May Sarton’s quote really stings.

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Virgin Islands

In Local News: Dick Trenchcoat Still At Large

I once was in love with a dame

Who, for privacy’s sake, I won’t name.

When I undressed, she shouted,

Which I think is undoubted… 8 fler ord


Eating With Lupus

Who knew that my favorite foods would be the ones I shouldn’t be eating. Okay, I get it. I love cake, and I cannot live on cake alone–that’s why it comes with buttercream! 182 fler ord