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The New: Google Pixel 6/6 Pro

Long Awaited, Much Anticipated

The Google Pixel 6 series has finally been announced after what feels like forever, and it seems to be the biggest upgrade yet of any Pixel phone thus far. 518 fler ord


Google Admin Security Specialist Cert plus brief life updates

Amplified IT’s Google Admin Security Specialist Certification

Over the last two weeks Ive been doing my best to balance my undergraduate work, my none existent weightlifting, Wing Chun, BJJ, Jeet Kuen Do (I refuse to continue cosigning to the universal misspelling of the romanization of fist or style of fighting which in Cantonese is kuen vs kune), Thai boxing, and my actual job as a cybersecurity sys admin. 171 fler ord


Koeman sacked by Barcelona!

Barcelona have sacked manager Ronald koeman after Barcelona’s 1-0 defeat to Rayo Vallecano.

More to follow ….

Eye-popping growth at Tech companies

This week saw the quarterly sales results from 3 tech companies – Alphabet (Google), Microsoft and Twitter. The numbers are just incredible! Google saw its highest growth in more than a decade and nearly doubled its profit in the third quarter. 436 fler ord

Cloud Computing

Reclusive Rocker Nirvana

After I got my TV writing break with VH1 Classic on America’s Hard 100, I gave my producer boss who hired me a Bruce Springsteen mix to express my appreciation. 1 437 fler ord


(MOSCOW) State Duma Committee Report: Kremlin demands Google display annexed Crimea and Kuril Islands as part of Russia #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.27: According to Piskarev, at a meeting with Google’s representatives in April, he pointed out “inconsistency with national legislation in identification of individual administrative-territorial units and territories” of Russia, such as Crimea, Sevastopol and the Kuril Islands, on Google Maps…. 524 fler ord


The Dalles approves tax break for new Google data centers

The city and Wasco County have now approved a deal to give a large tax break to tech giant Google on new facilities in The Dalles. 112 fler ord

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