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GM needs to be Shorted

General Motors is being coddled by the current United States administration. The old boys club is dying and the corrupt old leadership connected to fossil companies like GM are hanging on until the ship sinks. 465 fler ord

GM's Factory ZERO Fact Sheet

GM’s investment in Factory ZERO

In late January 2020, GM announced an investment of $2.2 billion to fully renovate and convert the facility for EV production beginning in late 2021. 497 fler ord

Factory ZERO

GM to Celebrate Grand Opening of Factory ZERO – an EV Factory

General Motors marks a major milestone in its commitment to an all-electric future as President Joe Biden, International UAW and UAW Local 22 leadership, plant employees and other officials join together to celebrate the grand opening of the Factory ZERO EV assembly plant. 1 004 fler ord

Factory ZERO

GM Takes to the Water

Electric vehicles don’t all have to have wheels

By Gary S. Vasilash

From 1919 to 1979 General Motors owned Frigidaire, the appliance company that made, primarily, refrigerators. 243 fler ord

The World of Tomorrow: License Plates and the Rise of Corporate Advertising

By: August Stromberger

NY License Plate 7P31-06, 1939, New York; Steel, black & yellow paint, H: 45”, W: 28”, D: 36”. CGP Teaching Collection, Cooperstown, New York, T2014.0004. 640 fler ord

Auto Numbers: Something to Consider

The math is. . .surprising

By Gary S. Vasilash

A few numbers.

In the first three quarters of 2021, these are the U.S. sales numbers of the leading luxury brands: 114 fler ord