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The Sister Joins The Face Swapping Party...

So, I’ve been doing some more face swapping, some with hilarious results. See above. I can not stop laughing over me as Austin Powers, y’all. I think it might be my new user picture… everywhere! 1 162 fler ord


Digital or film?

In my last post, I talked about the decision I had to make concerning whether or not to keep my Fujifilm X-H1 and continue shooting digital, or return the X-H1 and go completely 35mm film. 475 fler ord


Mean Girls #MovieReview

So… It’s late and people I know wanted a movie night. After throwing out a few titles, I said ”have we watched Mean Girls?” Instantly, we got people quoting the film so I took that as a no so here we are on Sunday night watching and reviewing 2004’s ”Mean Girls”. 1 465 fler ord


Children of the Beehive, The Hairpin, Mr. Thank You (蜂の巣の子供たち、簪、有難うさん)

  • 蜂の巣の子供たち (Children of the Beehive), 4/25/21 (Sun)
  • かんざし)(The Hairpin), 4/27/21 (Tues)
  • 有難うさん (Mr. Thank You)、4/27/21 (Tues)

Three films by the unjustly neglected Shimizu Hiroshi. 1 816 fler ord


Another year

Film Review 1981-1982 by F. Maurice Speed

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new decade and F. Maurice Speed reviews the raw and the real, where quite a few films continued to cross boundaries. 293 fler ord


Biggest Mistakes I Made On My First Movie - Aaron Fradkin

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: I believe you made your first feature film in 2013? Did you think upon making this that your life was going to change? 87 fler ord




I wasn’t feeling the love this morning. The captain and the Long-distance-lady had started a while before we arrived. I didn’t feel up to swimming to the far jetty and back. 285 fler ord

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