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Riviu Film: Lottery Landing On You 6/45 (2022)

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The Danish Girl

Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl is a fictionalized telling of the actual life of Lili Elbe, the first transgender individual born as artist Einar Wegener.  Using queer theory discussed throughout the course, I use an analytical approach to dissect topics including gender performativity & societal norms, gender fluidity, and queer commodification to accompany a video essay (link provided below). 739 fler ord


Last Night In Soho: Go Back to London

(Minor spoilers ahead)

Ellie travelling to London

Anyone who moves to London, like Last Night In Soho’s protagonist Ellie (Thomasin McKenzie), knows how the first few weeks can feel. 2 334 fler ord



Srija Sanyal (Issue Editor) is associated as a Research Scholar with the Ronin Institute, USA. She has been undertaking research in the field of gender and queer theory in the Indian context. 1 137 fler ord

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Issue Editor’s Note: Exploring Motherly Instincts: Representation of Mothers in Indian Cinema

By Srija Sanyal

The cultural representation of the mother figure, especially that in Indian cinema, has generally been enclosed in extremities of black or white with no greys in-between. 1 536 fler ord

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012

Twinning Compassion and Murder: On the Question of Motherhood in ‘Shubho Mahurot’

By Aparajita De

Rituparno Ghosh’s oeuvre has never failed to garner critical acclaim and controversy as an auteur of repute. After his untimely death in 2013, the topography of the Bengali film industry significantly changed through his style of filmmaking and narrativizing, making him remain topical. 2 079 fler ord

Issue 1/ Beyond Mumbai, 2012