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A Billionaire Lesson

Billionaires getting divorced. First it was MacKenzie Bezos. Now it’s Melinda Gates.

But these billionaire wives were never after the money. They are highly educated and intelligent and principled. 246 fler ord


Life Update // Back in the Hospital

I’ve been M.I.A. lately, because we are back in the hospital with our little guy.

It was all so unexpected. Last Friday was a straight up whirlwind of a day. 608 fler ord


Trumbull - Dear Offspring - Messages And Sundry Answers - August 5, 1945

Trumbull House in summer

Trumbull, Conn., August 5, 1945

Dear Offspring:

Well, we hit the jack-pot this week. The wheel stopped on the right number – – five it was. 600 fler ord


Brothers, or: Druthers

My 1st Goliardic verse

Shul* was once family; wherein all Jews were brothers
Rending hearts before God, He, One; there were no others;
We've maintained sense of kin, of siblings, fathers, mothers,
Still, communities waned, per most Jews' private druthers

          * shul = synagogue in Yiddish… 56 fler ord

A Mom Finds Her Political Voice

Written by Irma Ilustre, Manheim Township. This piece was first published here, the blog, on May 16, 2021 with permission from the author. … 486 fler ord


Family and Children

I’m still proofreading Chapter 9 of Betty, Fairy, and Grandma and when I was thinking about further adventures of Betty and Julia, I suddenly realized that my book isn’t just fairy tales and funny stories, but it’s about family life, how grownups, parents, and grandparents can change a child’s life and make great memories together. 541 fler ord