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What Went Right With... The Little Things (2021)?

The Little Things was another cinematic victim of the Coronavirus, with HBO Max keeping it for their overpriced streaming service in the U.S. and the UK being offered it as a premium video on demand. 941 fler ord


Truth Beyond Flesh

Art by Kirsten on PENUP/Snapseed

Dreary graphite drip,

strands of silver silk draped

serene perfection.


edited expressions —

artificial masks of glee

atop bitter misery.

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Touka Gettan

Last August, I asked my blog readers to vote on which series they’d like me to review. There were two winners. One of the series, I finished only a couple of months later, as I quite enjoyed it. 777 fler ord


Door Talk

Photo by George Becker on

Most of his companions thought he was a captive the way he interpreted his home life: “Just wait until you’re 18, man. 327 fler ord

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Dawn's Healing

Art by Kirsten on PENUP/Snapseed


waterfalls break

from glassy pools

of temporary gloom.


in slumbers arrival;

troubled thoughts

left to darkness,


in Dawn.

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Doctors spoilers: Crossing the Line – Monday 17 May 2021

Doctors: S22E43 – Crossing the Line
Monday 17 May 2021
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by David Lewis Richardson
  • Written by Mark Hiser/Bridget Colgan
  • Directed by Peter Fearon…
  • 193 fler ord

Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 17 May 2021 - Episode Two

Monday 17th May

RONNIE PUTS A ‘KAT’ AMONG THE PIGEONS Jenny tries to get Ed and Ronnie to settle their differences over a drink in the Rovers, as Ed and Ronnie bury the hatchet and reminisce about their childhood, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Kat. 277 fler ord