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A little introduction

I’m Bookish Banker.  As the name suggests I like to read and I work for a Bank.  Pretty basic, isn’t it?  And to think I wanted to be a writer.  382 fler ord


Welcome to the Broader Life of Economic: Brighten Your Future with Unlimited Opportunities

In this 2nd #MeetYourAlumni series, we heard experienced about career women in economics, coming from three different backgrounds; a banker, an accountant, and an economic researcher! 715 fler ord

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Who's the Bad Guy in Debt? A Debt Collector's Perspective

Hi there, I feel like this post has a different vibe than my previous posts. I normally talk about feelings and the environment, but I saw a post that talked about a person’s experience with a debt collector and how people’s reactions were divided. 785 fler ord


Banker's Destiny

Today I want to talk about the Bazi of one of the two remaining Chinese bankers in Malaysia and that is Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow of Public Bank. 621 fler ord

Case Study

Infinite Love 70

It happened in one of those days after his third year at bank. 1 633 fler ord