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To feel is to exist


Of the rain tapping on the window

Or the colors filling the sunset


Of the oxygen feeding the lungs

And the wind thrilling your skin… 34 fler ord

Mindfully-Crafted Clean Soaps - Endota Launches a New Line of Clean Hand Soaps and Body Washes (

( The world leader in spa product development, Endota, has launched a new luxurious soap line. The Clean by Endota line features a collection of body and hand washes available in a range of naturally-…



Millennial-Targeted Telehealth Platforms - Hims & Hers Partners with REVOLVE to Reach Younger Crowds (

( Hims & Hers, a telehealth platform providing modern personalized health and wellness products to Millenial and Gen Z consumers, has teamed up with premium fashion brand REVOLVE. 6 fler ord


Wolves’ Awful Rap Sheets

Wolves‘ awful rap sheets are because these poor animals are the universal sign for narcissists.

Narcissistic Abuse is a dangerous warfare because of the sinister and calculating mind-games that the Narcissist or Sociopath use on their targets. 124 fler ord

Notes on Quotes: Violence

”I don’t even call it violence when it’s in self defense; I call it intelligence.” ―MalcomX

When someone attacks without apparent cause and there is no time to think, the immediate reaction to preserve life is natural intelligence to survive. 708 fler ord


Personalized Period Care Boxes - August's Build a Box Subscription is Customized to Unique Needs (

( August is a period care brand that offers everything from pads and tampons to liners and customers can receive exactly the products they need with the brand’s personalized… 8 fler ord


Agent +


Bring him, in.

door opens

Good morning, please—

Have a seat.

Good morning, thank you. I will.

looking thoughtful, slightly bemused, he begins… 175 fler ord