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Well-Behaved Women - A Series Overview

What’s it About?

Rose Booker remembers how she died. Both times.

Rose’s pursuit of the truth behind those memories leads her to discover that she was in a past life the legendary pirate queen Mary Read — and that she’s not the only infamous historical figure who has returned from the dead. 274 fler ord


A Purpose of Being


You may accept the 
stress of time,
or give the go-head 
to push,
productivity is a 
perception that may
place you often in 
a rush. 97 fler ord


Some Clarity Today

Black and white, soft images emerge. I see her beautiful face, a look of contentment. She stares directly at me, her familiar convicted, knowing eyes, as if to say, “I know you know me, Mom.” … 235 fler ord

Parents Of Adult Children

Lust For Sleep Poem

Lust for sleep

Long for sleep

Beg for sleep

Why do you hold me so

Why can I not break free of the waking hours

Spiritual Awakening, Starseed, Star Child

Sitting with impermanence

The fern in the front porch hanging basket makes a pattern in the brightening sky. It’s a funky one—not quite right, like crooked teeth—my kindergartener would scold it for its inconsistency. 484 fler ord

Self Reflection

Timeless Message
Deep gratitude. Gratitude is a mindset, a thought, an emotion. Gratitude is a frequency. It is the stepping stone/spring board to love. Coming to a point of gratitude for everything that has happened to form who you are NOW is powerful! 272 fler ord