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Adventures First Stop

5 years ago today was my first real heartbreak. I look back at it now as just another day and another part of life, but I remember that day very clearly and how I felt. 809 fler ord


I wrote this song to honor my struggles around my anxieties..

To encourage myself to try my best to stay in the present moment and not allow myself to lose sight of what i currently have going family..feeling loved and supported… 13 fler ord

The fool's journey

I just pulled my tarot of the day. The question I mediated on was what do I need to know about today. I got the card 0 the fool. 181 fler ord


The plan today was to skip class so traveling down the FiDIE wouldn’t wipe out before my midterm.

Prof emails me back and says I am allowed to Zoom 2x this semester, so yay I can Zoom and won’t miss class, but WOMP now I have to finish the work I was catching up on around my class instead of taking the day to ketchup! 475 fler ord

Personal Diary (Public)

Burden Wren

There’s something so sad about the fact that people just assume that if you are super busy that your mental health is intact. Where if you drown yourself in work that all of the sudden you just don’t have time for illness. 747 fler ord


A Breath of Fresh Air

Today was absolutely beautiful. Chilly, of course, for January in Louisiana (hoodie weather, for sure!).  I had therapy this morning; it was filled with babbling about the last week in the hospital, my new years goals, my husband (and how amazing he’s been while I’ve been ill) & how I’ve reunited with a friend that I ostracized a few months ago while she went through a divorce (I know, I know. 338 fler ord

Right Choice/Wrong Choice

Let’s say you have a decision to make. You go over all the pros and cons, you analyze all outcomes, you do your research, you prepare for every possible thing that could go wrong (and right) and you think you’ve made your choice. 445 fler ord