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Is your project opinion or data-driven?

”Do what I say.” Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

How about: ”This is our strategy”.

”The Management decided…”

”To let us grow…”

”This is for the sake of our project”. 732 fler ord


#265 - Using MTTR to Understand When to Test

It interests me deeply to explore why testing is happening. Often it’s because some decision-maker or framework dictates – ”This is the Way”. And off we go on the quest to slay the dragon – or move items from point A to point B. 569 fler ord


Ted Lasso, czyli Agile Coaching Manifesto

Najbardziej lubię scenę, w której Ted i coach Beard zaczynają pierwszy dzień pracy w klubie piłkarskim Richmond. Prosto z lotniska, po podróży ze Stanów do Anglii, z ciężkim jetlagiem, ale z lekkim bagażem podręcznym, w którym jest sporo miejsca na pierwsze wrażenia, rozbrajające zaskoczenia i nieoczywiste wyzwania. 1 156 fler ord

IT Is Not Rocket Science

Some Strategies to Tackle Frequently Faced Problems in Project Management

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One of our community members, when asked about their experience of managing projects, shared that, their “experience is like making way through a sludge of obstacles however can”. 1 323 fler ord

Agile/Scrum Master

Location: North Goa/Hyderabad

Your Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate builds in accordance with the release calendar;
  • Foster teamwork and spirit of collaboration and commitment within the project team;
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What's Your Transformation Persona?

I’m a member of the last generation to know life before the Internet. I’ve been able to witness how people have managed to craft personas based on their time spent online. 2 075 fler ord