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I am an older millennial that started a blog during that online blog craze way back when. Of course, I’m closer being 50 now than the age when I started all that stuff. 764 fler ord


Hard Lessons

This past weekend was kind of rough. Friday afternoon was my stepdaughter’s graduation party. This had the potential to be terribly awkward for me given the fact that most of the guests in attendance were friends of my ex. 1 093 fler ord

Health And Wellness Journey

Shit Just Got Real.

Things have taken something of a serious turn in my life in the last few months, which has caused this blog to kind of fall by the wayside a bit. 2 060 fler ord

Health And Wellness Journey


featured in my second collection of poetry, ‘Lucid Dreamscapes

I can only be partially present

but apparently

I need to be there

I need to be here… 308 fler ord

Work Life Balance

What Is ADHD? Symptoms & Diagnosis

ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children is attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many adults suffer from ADHD. ADHD symptoms include inattention (inability to focus), hyperactivity (an excessive movement that is unsuitable for the situation), and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur at the moment without thought). 659 fler ord


How To Study When You Have ADHD

In 2010, just two months after completing a three year BSc in Florida, I relocated to the UK, to commence my MSc. One year, 195 credits. 667 fler ord

Mental Health

Autism and Employment

Autistic and other neurodivergent adults face many challenges living in a world designed by and for neurotypical humans, or those that do not have autism, ADHD, or any developmental disorder. 989 fler ord