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Summer PAL is Ready to Go

By Emma Keyes, Currier Times Staff///

Summer PAL prepares students for the transition to college life. Photo courtesy: Curry College

Do you know any incoming freshmen with a little anxiety about starting college? 456 fler ord

Curry College

Pay Attention!

I’m pretty sure I wore a path on the floor circling the kitchen table at my grandparents’ house every summer. Why? Well I adored reading, but I couldn’t focus on the story unless I was pacing. 1 423 fler ord

Adult ADHD: making friends with my scattered mind

Like most people, I always thought attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was for unruly schoolboys who couldn’t sit still. That was until I was tasked with writing a blog post about ADHD for work in 2017, and for the first time ever, everything (and by everything, I mean the whole internally chaotic, isolating experience of my existence thus far) made absolute, beautiful, thirst-quenching, mind-blowing sense. 972 fler ord


May 13, 2022

A break from a normal routine is good; the key is getting back into a routine soon as possible to keep the chaos away…


Chemically Sane

For Lisa, my BFF since elementary school, until her other took over…

I haven’t always been mentally ill. I’ve always been on the fringe of the norm, the glass wall between me and humanity kind of thing, but I didn’t feel myself start to fragment until my mid-twenties. 646 fler ord

ADD/ADHD: What About All That Coffee and Energy Drinks? What if...Caffeine Helps!

Americans drink around 400 million cups of coffee per day-and the energy drink market in the US alone is $13.97 Billion per year (and almost 1/4 of that is RedBull!!). 843 fler ord

Biweekly Item-Molva Dagger (AD&D)

This +1 dagger also damages the target’s psyche. Each successful attack reduces the targets wisdom and intelligence each by 1 point if they fail a save against poison. 72 fler ord