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Despicable Marx and Disgusting Marxism

Early last year, I shared a video explaining that Karl Marx was a despicable human being. Today, let’s look at a video that further examines him and his… 201 fler ord


A Guide to Reading Karl Marx for the First Time / by Michael Lazarus

With inequality and class struggle on the rise, there is more interest in Karl Marx’s thought now than there has been for decades. (david_jones / Flickr) 2 826 fler ord

Labour as A Departure Point of Human History

A comparison between secular and divine interpretation of the importance of labor

By Vahid Mohammadi

Labour is one the most crucial aspects of the beginning of human being, to which we can have two different sorts of interpretation, one secular and earthly, and one divine and heavenly. 326 fler ord

Vahid Mohammadi

Drinking Buddies

Hitler and Marx walked into a local bar

blended in so well with all the locals

not a Rebuke to be found among patrons

folks were happy to share brandy and cigars with them… 34 fler ord


Karl Marx’s penguin and Richard Wagner’s design for Madonna’s corset

1 May 2022

Read by the author

Karl Marx and Richard Wagner are featured in joint exhibits at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin. But why, I wondered. 1 152 fler ord

German Culture And History

Romanos 12:29 "A mim a vingança; a mim exercer a justiça, diz o Senhor"

Boa tarde, companheiras, companheiros e dissidências sexuais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tudo mais ou menos neste dia Primeiro de Maio, o Dia do Trabalho, e o que temos de comemorar enquanto aguardamos que o eterno presidente do Brasil, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva se torne o nosso salvador da democracia? 583 fler ord