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Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

I am almost, I feel, on the slab—
Or dissected in Frankenstein’s lab.
All the life is drained out
Of my being. No doubt: 10 fler ord

Why don't conservatives use and promote options to big tech?

Oh, I know they complain about Facebook, Twitter and Google. But I’ve seen countless conservative individuals, organizations and churches continue to just use those entities for their social media . 126 fler ord


Dating and Mating in Coffee with ilene on Clubhouse!

COFFEE WITH iLENE at 9pm ET on Clubhouse tonight (Sunday, April 25th)!

TOPIC TONIGHT: Dating and Mating – The Abyss of Online Dating.

ilene resurrects her popular two-hour chat from eWorld and Talk City! 83 fler ord


Jesus and American Populism

I have a great respect for Andrew Torba as he is someone who acts on their own conviction with seemingly no concessions. He built the Gab platform despite Big Tech obstacles and has since been encouraging… 756 fler ord

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Gab Goes After Parler After Troubled Social Media Site Let Back On Apple App Store

Source: CD Media Staff

Free speech social media site, which has been completely de-platformed from all Silicon Valley business infrastructure, to the point of having the founder’s wife’s Visa card cancelled, has called out the social media site Parler for caving to big tech and ending free speech. 610 fler ord

US News

FCPD Welcomes New Incident Support Services Director

Interim Police Chief David M. Rohrer of the Fairfax County Police Department is pleased to announce, the hiring of Cindy I. Guerra as Director of the Incident Support Services Bureau, following a national search. 272 fler ord

All Police Districts

Gab CEO Hits Back At Slurs From ADL

Source: CD Media Staff

The Anti-Defamation League has repeatedly accused the free-speech social media platform Gab of being anti-semitic and racist, even going so far as to call for criminal charges… 1 471 fler ord

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