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Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a blog publishing application developed by Microsoft. It is compatible with, giving our users an easy and convenient way to manage and compose their blog posts.  WLW has many features that make blog writing a breeze:

  • Add multiple blogs from different accounts
  • WYSIWYG editor to give you an instant preview of your blog post using your current theme
  • Supports offline editing and post scheduling
  • Ability to add images and control size and placement
  • Video uploads via Youtube
  • Category and author management
  • Ability to set post or page slugs, category, author and password

Setting Up Windows Live Writer 2012

Time required: 8-12 minutes

Before you install Windows Live Writer 2012, please make sure you have an active blog. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up to get a new blog in seconds.

Windows Live Writer 2012 is included in the Windows Live Essentials setup program.  You may download it here:

Select “Choose the programs you want to install.”

Uncheck everything except for Writer. Click Install. You may be prompted to restart your computer once the install completes.

Note: Please be patient during installation. It can take several minutes for the process to finish.

You can find the new program in your Start Menu. Go to All Programs > Windows Live > Windows Live Writer.

When you start Windows Live Writer for the first time, you’ll be prompted to configure the program to connect to your blog.  If your blog is set to private, you’ll need to temporarily change that setting  to be able to add it successfully.  Go to Settings > Reading in your dashboard and set your blog’s Site Visibility setting to “Discourage search engines from indexing this site“.



  • In the screen, “What blog service do you use?”, select WordPress and click Next.
  • Under “Add a blog account”, enter your blog address, user name, and password, then click Next.

If Windows Live Writer cannot detect your blog settings, a screen titled “Select blog type” will appear.

  • Type of blog that you are using – make sure is selected from the dropdown box.
  • Remote posting web address for your blog – only change <blogname> to your actual blog name. The URL needs to end in xmlrpc.php.


Once you select your blog type, you’ll be prompted to Download your Blog Theme.  This lets you preview how your blog posts will look like with your current theme.  Click Yes to proceed with the download.  Note that if your blog is set to private, the download will not be successful.  Please disable that setting temporarily (in Settings > Reading) to enable this feature.


The final screen should say “Your blog has been set up.” If you’d like, you may edit the Blog nickname before clicking Finish.

Afterwards, you should see an [untitled] post screen. On the Home tab, your Blog nickname from the previous screen will appear next to the Publish button.  If you prefer your blog to remain Private, go back to Settings > Reading to revert to that setting.

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Notes on Compatibility

The latest version of Windows Live Writer was released in 2012.  As of January 2017 Microsoft no longer offers support for this software, so there may be compatibility issues as implements new functionality.

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