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A blog is, essentially, a reverse chronological publishing tool. There are ways to use a blog to post long-form pieces in chapters, however, though it will require a bit of work.

Following these steps will produce chapters, and a front page with links to each chapter.

  1. Create a new page from Pages  Add called Index.
  2. Create a new page from Pages  Add called Chapters.
  3. Go to the Customizer  Homepage Settings. Under Front page displays, choose A static page. Set Index as the Homepage. Set Chapters as the Posts page.
  4. Create a new post from Blog Posts  Add – this will be your Chapter 1. Publish it. Copy the URL of the new post.
  5. Edit the Index page, and create a link to Chapter 1. Note: If you do not mind the chapters appearing in descending order on your Index page, you can use the Archives Shortcode to painlessly create a chapter index.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each chapter of your book.

Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and Archives widgets could potentially break the flow of your book. You may want to remove them.

Note: You can also use Pages for your chapters instead of posts.

Show your Posts in Chronological Order

You also have the ability to order your posts chronologically using the instructions here.

What should your book be about? We can’t say, but killer robots and three-toed sloths are pretty cool.

A number of “blog-to-book” services like FastPencil and BlogBooker, let you import your WordPress blog and turn it into a printed book.

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