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Premium Content block allows you to accept monthly or annual payments on your website for access to exclusive content that you define – video, images, text, anything. Engage your audience with premium content while earning money to support your website.

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The Premium Content block allows you to restrict content on a page or post to paying subscribers only. Only subscribers paying you monthly or a yearly fee will be able to see the content. It can display any kind of content.

Visitors see options to subscribe or log in when attempting to view the premium content.

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Use it as a paywall to sharing your writing only with paying subscribers. Or add subscriber-only videos, cheat-sheets, and other goodies to an exclusive section of your site.

The Premium Content block uses Payments to manage subscriptions and is available to all sites with paid plans.

Learn all about creating a paid membership site with from our special tutorial site with step-by-step information to get going.

For sites with the Business or eCommerce plan, you must keep the Editing Toolkit plugin active for the Premium Content block to work. You can click My Site(s) → Plugins → Installed Plugins to ensure that the Editing Toolkit plugin is active if you can’t find the Premium Content block. Learn more about managing plugins here.

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  1. Create a post or page in the WordPress editor.
  2. Click the ( + ) sign, or initiate the block search by typing / and search for “premium content.”
  3. If you haven’t set up the Payments feature, we’ll prompt you to connect your account to Stripe, the payment processor used by the Payments system. Click the “Connect” button and you’ll be directed to Stripe to continue.

At Stripe, you can either create an account or sign into an existing account. Any money you earn using Payments will go into your Stripe account. From there, you can move it to the personal account of your choice.

For more information on setting Stripe up, check out this helpful document.

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Premium Content Block Settings

Unlike other blocks, the Premium Content block display changes depending on whether a site visitor is a paid subscriber (“Subscriber view”) or not a subscriber (“Logged-out view”).

  1. Quickly change the Payment subscription allowed to view this content here.
  2. Changes the block content to display what subscribers see when they view this post.
  3. Changes the block content to display what non-subscribers see.
  4. The editable block content.

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Creating and Managing Content

1. Add new subscription

To start offering subscriptions, set a title, renewal interval, and the price for your subscription.

  • Click the list of subscriptions and choose “Add a new subscription,” or use the sidebar menu to create a new Payment subscription.
  • Once you choose details of your subscription and click “Add subscription,” it will be associated with the Premium Content block.

You can manage your subscriptions, see subscribers, and monitor your revenue at any time by going to → My Site(s) → Tools → Earn → Collect Payments

2. Customize the Logged-out view

Visitors without access to the subscription will see this option. This view allows you to add, edit, or remove the inner blocks as much as needed to create your desired call to action. The buttons themselves can’t be removed, you can edit the text and add additional content. Use any block — text, images, columns, or even a video — to showcase your great content and explain the benefits of subscribing.

This view is visible to anyone that is NOT subscribed. Once a visitor becomes a paying customer, they will stop seeing this view.

3. Put your great content in the Subscriber view

The “Subscriber view” is the content your subscribers are paying for. This is where you put the writing, premium videos, or amazing financial analyses your subscribers want to access. Use any block type to add content to the Subscriber view. 

4. Publish!

When your content is ready to go, publish the post or page. As the author, you see the subscriber-only content on your site. To see how the post or page looks for non-subscribers, visit the page using an incognito browser window.

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Video: How to Add Memberships to Your Website

We also recommend the “How to get started with memberships on” video if you’re just getting started with subscriptions and memberships on your website.

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Premium Content View Selector hidden

If the cursor leaves the Premium Content block, the View selector may be hidden. Clicking on the Premium Content block brings back the option, allowing you to choose the “Subscriber view” or the “Logged-out view.”

Is all the content in the block restricted?

Only the HTML content is currently being blocked (e.g., with a known link, non-subscriber access is still possible to files, videos or images).

Are subscribers added as users to my site?

No. Subscribers are authenticated with, and site owners can see and export the list of subscribers on the earn page. Secure Sign On (SSO)

If your site is on the Business or eCommerce plan, the Secure Sign On (SSO) feature will need to be enabled for the Premium Content block to work as expected.

You can access this setting under My Site → Settings → Security. The setting “Allow users to log in to this site using accounts” should be turned on.

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