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Using the Block editor? Follow the steps here to learn how to add images!

Classic Editor Steps

Dress up your text-based posts and pages with individual images, image galleriesslideshows, videos, and audio.

Add Single Media Items (Uploading Images, Video, and Audio)

First, open a post or a page to which you would like to add your media.

Click your cursor on the area of the post or page where you would like the media to show.

Next, click the Add Media button in the top left corner of your toolbar:

Add Media button in the Classic Editor
Add Media in the Classic Editor

And click Add New to upload new media to your website.

Adding Media in the Classic Editor

You will have several options to choose from on the left side:

  • Add Media: Add a single image, video, or other media file.
  • Create Gallery (see below)
  • Create Audio Playlist (see below)
  • Featured Image: Set a single featured image, which many themes and tools can use to enhance the presentation of your site.
  • Insert Tweet
  • Insert YouTube
  • Insert from URL: Select this option if your image is displayed elsewhere on the Internet, and you want to link it over instead of uploading it from your computer.
  • Insert Embed: Insert content via HTML code.

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To create a gallery, upload multiple images and then select all of the images you want in the gallery at once:

Create a gallery in the Classic Editor

Once you select all the images you want in your gallery, click Create a new gallery. On the next page, you can select the type of gallery you want:

  • Thumbnail Grid
  • Tiled Mosaic
  • Square Tiles
  • Circles
  • Tiled Columns
  • Slideshow

If you want to create a slideshow instead of a gallery, click Slideshow from this list.

Editing the Gallery type in the Classic Editor

Click Insert when you’re ready to add the gallery/slideshow to your post or page.

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Add Video

With the VideoPress feature, included with the Premium and Business plans, you can upload your own videos directly to your blog or website with the Add Media button — just like adding photos.

Alternatively, you can also embed videos on your site from supported services, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Copy and paste the URL from your address bar — on its own line — into your post, publish the post, and you’re done!

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Add Audio

You can add audio with the Premium and Business plans. Upload your own audio directly to your blog with the Add Media button — just like adding photos.

You can also embed audio from services like SoundCloud, Spotify, 8tracks, Mixcloud, and Audiomack.

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