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OpenTable is a website that allows you to reserve a table with restaurants who use the service.

The OpenTable widget can be added anywhere Widgets are supported on your site. If you’d like to add an OpenTable reservation option outside of widget areas, check out the OpenTable block.

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If you own a restaurant and would like to provide the option for visitors to book a reservation with OpenTable from your site, you will need to use a theme that supports it, such as the Canapé ThemeConfit Theme, or Bon Vivant Theme.


The OpenTable widget will not show up as an option on all themes. You can use the OpenTable block to add your reservation option anywhere on the site on any theme.

Adding the OpenTable Widget

First, you will need to have an OpenTable account set up. Go to the OpenTable Restaurant Center and find your restaurant, then copy the embed code provided.

To add the OpenTable Widget to your sidebar, go to the Customizer’s Widgets panel. Select the widget area, click Add a Widget and find the OpenTable widget.

Once the widget has been added to your sidebar you can click on it in the Sidebar area, give it a title, and then paste the embed code you copied from your OpenTable account into the widget. Save your changes in the Customizer when you’re finished.

That’s it! Users may now request a reservation using OpenTable from your WordPress.com site.


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